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Statice Floral, nestled in the heart of Colorado, is not just a floral design studio but a place where custom, chic designs and sustainability flourish side by side. Our passion for creating wedding florals is fueled by the stories of love we get to translate into beauty. Every bloom in our studio is chosen for its role in your narrative, curated to capture the essence of your celebration. Our team, brimming with creativity and joy, crafts each arrangement in an atmosphere filled with music, laughter, and a collective love for what we do, believing that positivity blooms into every design.

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At Statice Floral, our love for the Earth is woven into our love for florals. We champion sustainability in every facet of our craft, ensuring that our practices are as beautiful as the florals we create. From thoughtful sourcing and design to meticulous event breakdown, we are dedicated to treading lightly on the planet.

Local & Seasonal Blooms - We cherish our local roots and the splendor of seasonal flowers. By sourcing locally from our family farm and trusted growers, we celebrate the natural cycles while minimizing our carbon footprint, and we invite you to delight in the local bounty that enriches your floral arrangements.

Foam-Free Design - Our artistry is free from floral foam, honoring the environment with every arrangement we sculpt. We rely on reusable materials like chicken wire and water tubes, aligning with our vision for a world where beauty coexists with environmental responsibility.

Conscious Breakdown & Reuse - Post-celebration, our service extends to careful breakdown, ensuring that materials are separated for reuse, with flowers destined for compost, enriching the soil as nature intended. Every resource is valued, and every step is considered, as we aim for a cycle of continuous life.

Composting & Recycling - We practice what we preach; all green waste is composted locally, and we recycle all packaging. This commitment is reflected in our studio's ethos, where every cutting contributes to a greener, more vibrant future.

At Statice Floral, each client's dream inspires our sustainable journey, crafting not just arrangements, but a legacy of love and respect for the planet.



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